Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why Placement Consultant ? - Benefits for Job Search

Why does one go to a Placement Consultant? Or why should one? Afterall a local job consultant will have much fewer jobs to offer you compared to a bigger portal like Naukri or Monster. These sites have thousands and thousands of jobs to offer for every job segment search. Shouldn't they suffice?

Yes, these job portals offer you a huge variety of jobs to choose from - almost every large organization is present there, whether you are looking for a job opportunity in the IT sector or Finance, Marketing or Sales, they have hundreds of jobs listed. But this strength - that is their huge size - also invariably becomes their weakness. Every job seeker definitely ends up going there and the ease of applying is such that people over apply. So for every job advertised for the number of applications become too many. And your resume can easily get lost in that pile.

Secondly, HR Managers don't want to go through thousands of applications - no one has that kind of time. She would ideally like to see a few highly relevant CVs to choose from, and that is the service that the local head hunter provides to her.

Thirdly, there might be thousands of jobs on offer but you just want one. While searching on websites like Naukri, you might never reach that 'one' job which was for you. Again, the consultant comes handy over there.

So what should one do ?

Leave your resume on this portals definitely. But also consult the head hunters who specialize in your domain area - I'd suggest at least contact 2 or 3 in different geographical locations unless say you are already sure, that you want your job only in a certain part of Delhi or Noida. After you have done this two, you may also proceed to apply yourself directly too - but spend more time researching for the right job rather than endlessly applying for jobs.