Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Right Job : The Right Man

Most people on this planet, sooner or later in their lives, have to do something for a living. Some become bankers, some join the army. Yet others get into teaching, carpentry, corporate jobs, government jobs, part-time jobs, work-from-home kind of jobs etc etc.
And each one of them ends up spending more than half of their active lives at their work-places, yet I wonder how much effort each one made before taking that all important decision - What kind of a job will suit me? Should i work in a multi-national bank or at the local post-office? Retail industry or footwear? Army or Navy? Private sector or Public Sector? Full-time or Part-time? Chicago or Los Angeles? Mumbai or Delhi? Questions, questions, questions...many questions, important questions.
But it takes time and effort to find out the answers to such important questions. So, here's an effort to help you get answers to important questions regarding your career. This site purports to serve as a guide and an aid to all those looking for a rewarding career - we will tell you about new jobs, placement consultants, places to look for, interview tips and more. Welcome to Placement Consultants.